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Getting started

If you want to compete in events within GTSRL or our league you will have to join our Discord. Creating an account is free and straight forward.
After that you can use your Discord account to login and create an GTSRL account.
Then it takes just three steps to start racing in our league. For our other events these steps are not required.

Sign Up!

Sign up for one of our Time Trial sessions and decide if you want to compete in our NA or EU divisions.

Run the Trial

Set your fastest time you can manage in one of our 30 minute sessions hosted by one of our officials.

Start racing!

Your set time will decide in which of our three division you will race. After the schedule is made the season starts.


1. With your GTSRL account set up and confirmed you can sign up your one of our Time Trial slots. We host twelve sessions in total. Six for NA and six for EU spread over two days. The current track and car selection can be found under League > GTSRL Sxxx Time Trials.

2. A few hours before your session you will be reminded by our system that you have signed up for an session. The lobby opens around ten minutes prior to the start time and an official will contact you if its up. Join the lobby and follow the instructions given via Discord. You do not need to enter an voice lobby for these session.

3. After thirty minutes the offical will note your time and enter them in our system. Depending on what other times are set, we construct our divisions following the fastest first. We have fourteen spots in each division, and up to three divisions per region. If there are more sign ups then available slots, you can sign up as an reserver and you will get to race if another driver drops out.

Other events

Other events or series hosted within GTSRL may require different requirements to be met such as SR/DR levels or previous participation in other event. But the majority of GTSRL events are open to all.

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