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GTSRL Merchandise - Design Contest

Who’d have thought that in just over half a year, GTSRL would grow up to be one of the biggest, friendliest, and best organized GT Sport communities in existence.

Soon, we will be opening an online shop with official GTSRL Merchandise, allowing our members to rep the community wherever they go. 

For now, we’re asking you to come up with a piece of artwork that could be put on our products.
Whether it's a stylish new GTSRL logo, funny quote, or a famed car livery - the possibilities are endless.

We will vote for our favourite designs, and pick the ones which will appear on T-Shirts, Hoodies, Stickers, Mugs, and much more!

Contest Rules & Schedule
  • Contest TypePhoto
  • Entry Period 24 Aug 2018 to 07 Sep 2018
  • Voting Period08 Sep 2018 to 10 Sep 2018

    1. You should work on a canvas of 7632x6480 pixels. You don’t have to fill the entire space, but make sure your piece looks good in this resolution.
    You may upload a smaller version to the contest. After it’s ended and your piece is selected, we will ask you to send us an original version. 

    2. The background of your piece should be transparent.

    3. Save your piece in a PNG format.

Contest Results
Winning Entry
  • Designerpinapari
  • CarRSGT SC
  • Class
Contest Voting Results

REsoleSurvivor1000 [ReaperR33]


2 Entries | 96 Points Total

  • pinapari
    RSGT SC |

    RSGT SC T-Shirt

  • REsoleSurvivor1000 [ReaperR33]
    Misc. | GrX

    This is a rough entry draft for my idea as a T-shirt design we could implement in the near future. Scaled PNG to the appropriate size requested here in the description of the contest but has a few errors I'd like to fix should it be selected. Uploaded for the general idea and to hopefully inspire more community members to create more designs!

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